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March 28, 2011 — Here are some highlights from what's coming up at the Public Conversations Project this spring. If you'd like to receive these updates in your inbox, please sign up here.

Dialogue: Understanding and Meeting the Challenge

AuthenticityMarch 23, 2011 — Senior Associate of the Public Conversations Project Maggie Herzig discusses what it takes to make engaging in dialogue possible. This piece originally appeared in A Matter of Spirit, the quarterly justice journal of the International Peace & Justice Center. We are pleased be be reposting it here on Words That Matter.


Creating a Global Research Center

AuthenticityMarch 16, 2011 — Poverty. AIDS. War. Natural disasters. Each has a devastating and broad impact. However, in the midst of crises, who often face the most widespread and brutal threats? Women.

Labels in the Room

No LabelsMarch 8, 2011 — A new political effort called No Labels has sparked some vigorous defense (on the Left and Right) of the necessity of labels—the argument being that real differences should not be papered over, and that l

Heart & Soul Community Planning

Community PlanningMarch 1, 2011 — When you think about land use planning (if you think about land use planning), chances are you think about esoteric zoning regulations or public notices appearing in the paper or fiery battles over property rights or development proposals. I think about conversations. And festivals. Storytelling and neighborhood block parties, schools and churches and chats over coffee at the local diner.

What's New — February 2011

February 28, 2011 — We've just sent out our February News and Connections eNews. Here are some of the highlights from this month. If you'd like to receive these updates in your inbox, please sign up here.

Can Religion Make Us More Civil?

Religion and DialogueFebruary 24, 2011 — This post by John Backman was originally published by the Huffington Post. We are re-posting it here with John’s permission because we think the topic is highly valuable. What we did not find highly valuable, however, was the tone and content of many of the more than a thousand comments that the original posting has received. We are interested in online conversations and in talking about civility, but we continue to wonder how we can do better when it comes to both of these. With that in mind, we offer John’s thoughts as a way of beginning the conversation on a fresh canvas.

The Power of Dialogue in Minnesota

The Power of DialogueFebruary 21, 2011 — Earlier this month, I had the privilege of participating in the Public Conversations Project's 3-day workshop, The Power of Dialogue. You would think that traveling to Minnesota in February would be a deterrent, even if the trip promised a unique training experience for understanding what dialogue is and what is involved in facilitating the kind of conversations that aim at mutual understanding.

Compassionate Comments

Compassionate CommentsFebruary 15, 2011 — Why is it that, in the heated public debate about vitriolic speech that followed the dreadful shootings in Tucson, the most common recommendation we hear is to continue with the culture war but tone it down a bit?

Twenty Days Later in Tucson

TucsonFebruary 10, 2011 — Last week, we brought you a reflection from Anita Fonte written in the immediate aftermath of last month's shooting in Tucson.  In this follow-up piece, Anita shares further thoughts on the tragedy in Tucson from her perspective within the community and based on her interactions with friends and strangers outside of Tucson.


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