civil discourse

Labels in the Room

No LabelsMarch 8, 2011 — A new political effort called No Labels has sparked some vigorous defense (on the Left and Right) of the necessity of labels—the argument being that real differences should not be papered over, and that l

Compassionate Comments

Compassionate CommentsFebruary 15, 2011 — Why is it that, in the heated public debate about vitriolic speech that followed the dreadful shootings in Tucson, the most common recommendation we hear is to continue with the culture war but tone it down a bit?

Civil Discourse, Meet the Internet; Internet, meet Civil Discourse

Civil Discourse

In this guest post, Deborah Elizabeth Finn, an online engagement expert and long time technology consultant to the Public Conversations Project ponders a future in which the internet and Public Conversations exert a positive influence on each other.

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