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The Public Conversations Project provides free training guides and dialogue resources. The organization and its staff publish widely in academic journals, are quoted in the mainstream press, and offer a cadre of materials related to planning and facilitating a dialogue.


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Dave Joseph, MSW | Field Manual

Public Conversations Project partnered with Interfaith Mediation Centre in Nigeria and UMass Boston to develop a "hybrid" dialogue guide to help facilitators bring together Christians and Muslims in workshops, dialogues, mediations, meetings, interventions or mentoring groups.

Robert R. Stains, Jr., MEd | Video

Dialogue: A Virtual Workshop is a series of 12 videos sharing the basics of the Public Conversations Project’s approach to dialogue.

Maggie Herzig | Laura Chasin, MSW | Field Manual

The Public Conversations Project's guide to conducting successful dialogues on the most heated topics. This publication will take even a first-time practitioner step-by-step through the process while providing experienced facilitators enlightening new insights. 183 pages.