Facilitating with Purpose and Poise—Even When Things Get Hot


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Anyone who leads meetings can be thrown off balance when difficult moments arise. The difficulty might be an unexpected tense moment among group members, or it may come in the form of a challenge to your legitimacy. In either case, you can learn to prevent an intense “deer in the headlight” moment—and instead act calmly and intentionally. Whether you’re a civic or religious leader, trainer, committee chair, organizer, manager, or facilitator of any kind, you will benefit from 1) a conceptual framework for thinking on your feet and 2) the opportunity to apply that framework as you practice "staying grounded." This highly interactive workshop provides both.

The tools and training provided in Facilitating with Purpose and Poise will help you improve your ability to navigate challenges as a leader of constructive conversation. In this workshop, you will

  • Develop deeper awareness of the personal, social, and cultural attributes you bring to the facilitator role that may help or hinder you in "staying grounded" when working with people whose views, styles, or identities differ from yours
  • Take away core questions you can ask yourself that will help you see through the fog of confusion in difficult moments
  • Gain clarity about resources at your disposal when a clear response or direction is not obvious
  • Build skills through role-play for deciding when and how to address difficulties
  • Learn preventive strategies that can be employed before people are in the room together or in the opening phase of the meeting

Enrollment for this workshop is limited to 20 so that participants may practice skills in intimate groups with case simulation and role-play.

Facilitating with Purpose and Poise is part of the Facilitation Workshop Series. Learn more about the benefits of participating in a Workshop Series here.

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Improving facilitation is not about obtaining the perfect facilitation tool, but rather building strong principle and self-awareness.

Elizabeth Ochs, Newspaper Coordinating Editor, RI Coalition for the Homeless