Public Conversations Project fosters constructive dialogue where conflicts are driven by differences in identity, beliefs, and values.

  • Moving Beyond the Monosyllabic
    John shares his tips for inviting richer conversation with his family. READ MORE
  • You Made Nourish a Success.
    Thanks to Tom Ashbrook, Jacob Hess, and Phil Neisser for joining us at Nourish, our annual celebration of dialogue. But most of all, thank YOU for making the evening a success! READ MORE
  • When Relationships Aren't Enough
    Grappling with the possibility for relationships and reconciliation in the wake of genocide. READ MORE
  • Reconsidering Atonement
    Dave used to dread the annual ritual of atonement. A conversation in Liberia shifted his perspective on Yom Kippur. READ MORE
  • Preserving Land, Honoring Heritage
    What happens when changes in our natural world alter our relationships to the places that mean most to us? READ MORE
  • The Power of Stories
    Check out this new workshop on the power of stories to move beyond "Them" and "Us" READ MORE
Oct 2, 2015
On September 30, 2015, Public Conversations Project founders Laura and Dick Chasin were honored by the New York State Dispute Resolution Association. The two were awarded the Andrew Thomas PeaceBuilder Award, established in 1996 to honor... READ MORE >
Jun 29, 2015
On June 20th, Public Conversations Project, the Center for Peace, Democracy and Development at UMass Boston's John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, and series sponsor Bridge Alliance convened Boston's first... READ MORE >
May 6, 2015
When Public Conversations was first approached by, we were a little skeptical. "But we just did a dating service piece as a joke," we thought. Turns out, is actually a platform that features advice,... READ MORE >
Dave Joseph, MSW | Field Manual

Public Conversations Project partnered with Interfaith Mediation Centre in Nigeria and UMass Boston to develop a "hybrid" dialogue guide to help facilitators bring together Christians and Muslims in workshops, dialogues, mediations, meetings, interventions or mentoring groups.

Dialogue every day
Sep 24, 2015

Here's what I learned from silent car rides about how to invite richer conversation with my kids.

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