Public Conversations Project fosters constructive dialogue where conflicts are driven by differences in identity, beliefs, and values.

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Apr 29, 2016
Although we will miss 46 and 51 Kondazian Street, where Public Conversations Project grew from a fledgling initiative to a fully staffed organization, we are excited to make many memories in our new home in Cambridge. Unfortunately 46 Kondazian in... READ MORE

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What does “resiliency” really mean? We believe it’s also relational & community-focused
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on how enemies can live together after a peace treaty’s signed
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Dialogue on public issues
Aug 17, 2016 Weaver

What Do You Mean When You Say 'National Conversation?'

Did you read the recent article by Wesley Morris in the New York Times called “

Dave Joseph, MSW | Field Manual

This "hybrid model" of dialogue offers a faith-based approach to peacebuilding with Christians and Muslims.

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