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Apr 29, 2016
Although we will miss 46 and 51 Kondazian Street, where Public Conversations Project grew from a fledgling initiative to a fully staffed organization, we are excited to make many memories in our new home in Cambridge. Unfortunately 46 Kondazian in... READ MORE

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Another reason why matters. Face-to-face convos reduce .
11 hours 26 min ago
Become the Communicator You Want to Be on 5/14 with
15 hours 4 min ago
Where is dialogue about sexual assault working on campus, & where do we need more?
3 days 13 hours ago
Great question! Krista Tippett will be at the reception, but her talk will be at the dinner. We had to drag you in somehow :)
3 days 14 hours ago
Dialogue on campus
Apr 27, 2016

Dialogue on Sexual Assault

April on college campuses represents the beginning of spring as well as the end of semester flood of assignments and exams as the year comes to an end. That’s not all that’s going on in April, however.

Dave Joseph, MSW | Field Manual

A"hybrid" guide based on shared scriptural tenets to for Christians and Muslims in dialogue.

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